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Welcome to Vancouver Petrographics LTD


Many geoscientists are using the technical and professional services of VANCOUVER PETROGRAPHICS LTD. Try us and experience a service that can be oriented to your distinct needs.

Quality, speed and courtesy are our specialty. Professional services are provided by 7 highly qualified petrographers, technical services by five experienced technicians with an average of 15 years with Vancouver Petrographics. This lab has been in business since 1972 and presently turns out 20,000 to 30,000 sections per year. With this history and volume come experience in handling just about any rock or industrial mineral one could think of.

Our client list includes: the Geological Surveys of Canada, U.S.A, Finland and their respective provincial and state surveys, universities from all over the world including Queens, Victoria, British Columbia, Calgary, Manitoba, Regina, McMaster, Ottawa, Toronto, McGill, Stanford, Princeton, Carlton, Santa Barbara, James Cook, Florida, Lulea(Sweden), California, Massachusetts, Indiana, Indiana State, Tennessee, Yale, Iowa, Georgia, Texas, Alaska, Wisconsin, Copenhagen, Australia, Brazil, Athens, Geneva, France and Germany; and approximately 1000 public companies including many senior mining companies.